"Having some time to reflect, sort through my feelings and take some time for me felt amazing."

“For this small window in time I was able to take care of my needs first without worrying about how it could affect my family. I didn’t have to put on a mask that says ‘I’m okay.’ I can’t begin to tell you how liberating that is…”

"This weekend has been great! The agenda was there to be used if I chose to use it, or I could just relax--no pressure. Stella Niagara is a very peaceful place to relax, journal or participate in activities."

“Having the time to rest and leave my troubles at the door was exactly what I needed."

“To be around other women from all walks of life and to be able to open up and not be so shy and sharing and listening to other problems people have – it means so much to know that other people have problems too and you’re not alone and it’s okay to express yourself. I thank God for a wonderful program.”

From the weekend for women with cancer:

“After all my [cancer] treatments and surgery, I thought I would feel stronger, less tired. It actually hasn't changed . . . it ran me down. This weekend has been a blessing. I do feel renewed and able to go forward with my journey."

"At a time in your life when you are feeling great suffering, it's wonderful to be welcomed in such a loving place filled with understanding, hope and peace."

We asked, "What did you like about the weekend?"

"I loved the support and friendship, understanding and acceptance."

"The luxury of being able to think of me. Finding acceptance and understanding."

"It was the greatest meeting so many caring people."

“This program has been timely in my life and helps me to gain clarity by allowing me a quiet weekend without the pressures of daily life. With the economy the way it is, women and especially single moms do not have much time for themselves. The Women’s Respite Program has helped me throughout these years to go back to my home with a better perspective, well rested and ready for the challenges of being a single mother. It is a vital program to so many women like me. We visit and speak to others in the same situation and gain strength from needed camaraderie. Thank you so much for the time and energy Sister Diane, Sister Maureen and others put into this weekend.”